LTG Mary Legere – Training Tips For Running A Good Marathon

Whether it’s your first marathon or the 16th one, like LTG Mary Legere is training for, running 26.2 miles is a mental and physical challenge. You want the experience to be fun and safe, and the way to ensure that is through adequate preparation. It takes time and effort to prepare properly and to get in shape, but it’s all worthwhile if you do it right.

Alternate Training Days

The training schedule you use will depend on your level of fitness. Regardless of the plan, however, it is important to alternate the hard and easy days of training. You never want to train hard on consecutive days, even if you have missed training. Doing so will sap your body of energy and make it difficult to recover and make gains.

Ease into it

It’s important to ease into the training plan easily and not run hard in the beginning. Take a cautious approach when it comes to aerobic exercise. If this is your first marathon, try using a combination of walking and running. In this way, your body will adapt to the distance and make it easy for you to go the whole route a few weeks before the race.

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Listen to your body

Put away the monitors and gadgets that indicate your speed and other metrics. Rather, listen to what your body tells you. There will be good and bad days, but of most importance is to ensure your body feels comfortable with the pace.

LTG Mary Legere is a dedicated intelligence professional who despite a busy schedule finds time to train. for marathons. “Running has been a major source of fitness, enjoyment and stress relief to me since I was in high school and the marathon is my favorite distance.”

Running Marathon

For Legere, training for a marathon, generally an 18 week process, is a reward in itself. Like most runners who’ve run multiple marathons, she admits she enjoys the challenge of training over the many months as much as the excitement of the marathon itself.

“I enjoy the process of seeing the improvement over time, of getting stronger, of working through set backs and ultimately of arriving on race day confident in my ability to complete the race.”

To Legere, the actual race day is just “icing on the cake”, the reward for having persevered through all the hard days of training and working patiently but deliberately to achieve a difficult goal.”

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About LTG Mary Legere

LTG Mary Legere is career Intel Officer in the United States Army. She is the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, and is currently one of the Army’s two highest-ranking women.
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