Lt. Gen. Mary Legere – Proven Leader

Lt. Gen. Mary Legere is a proven strategic leader with over 25 years of experience in every aspect of planning, policy and execution of global multi-discipline intelligence operations. She has provided inspired and innovative leadership to intelligence organizations ranging in size from 1,600 to over 17,000 employees for operations supporting Commanders and senior leaders in every theater.


A career intelligence professional with extensive experience leading complex intelligence operations around the globe, her military career culminated in her appointment as the Senior Intelligence Officer for the Army, where she is responsible for driving the operations, readiness and modernization of the Army’s 58,000 Intelligence Corps, as well as executing a $5B annual budget.

Visit the link to read the seminar by LTG Mary Legere on Belfercenter


About LTG Mary Legere

LTG Mary Legere is career Intel Officer in the United States Army. She is the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, and is currently one of the Army’s two highest-ranking women.
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