LTG Mary Legere and the Benefits of Becoming a Mentor

Aspiring leaders need role models and guidance to be successful. Like LTG Mary Legere, the Army’s Senior Intelligence Officer and the fourth woman in the Army’s 240 year history to be selected for promotion to three-star general, you might be considering becoming a mentor.

Being a mentor an honor for leaders at every level, providing an extraordinary opportunity to forge new and important relationships, to grow, to expand your listening and leadership competencies while you reciprocate for the assistance that you have received along your path to success.

As a mentor, you will nurture, encourage and accelerate another person professional growth, by sharing your experiences, know-how, network and time to help your mentee think and perhaps perform in new ways.  While you assist your protégé identify and take on new challenges, you will be surprised at how much you benefit from the experience as well.

When you work as a mentor, you are able to enhance your own skills and afford you the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally, making you an asset to your company. Mentoring helps you to strengthen your own coaching and leadership skills because you are required to work with different individuals from different backgrounds. Along with improving your own skills, mentoring can also help to improve your own performance. When mentoring one of your roles is to set a good example for your mentee. Being responsible for providing accurate and appropriate guidance can help to motivate you to work harder.


Becoming a mentor is a rewarding experience and one that should not be taken lightly. It is a big decision to take someone under your wing and guide them to become better in both their personal and professional lives. The benefits to both you and your organization, as LTG Mary Legere knows, are well worth the effort you put into being a mentor.

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About LTG Mary Legere

LTG Mary Legere is career Intel Officer in the United States Army. She is the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, and is currently one of the Army’s two highest-ranking women.
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