LTG Mary Legere – What it Takes to Be an Effective Team Member

Working as part of a team is a part of life. Whether you are required to work with a team for a school project or have a team at work you have to collaborate with, working with other people to complete a task is an inevitable part of life. To be an effective team member, like LTG Mary Legere, Three Star Lieutenant General in the United States Army, you have to possess a number of invaluable skills.

When it comes to working in a team, it is important to respect your colleagues. Everyone on a team brings with them unique technical expertise, experience, and knowledge that should be valued by the rest of the team members. To be successful, you need to make a good effort to listen to the ideas of your team members and are respectful when making suggestions.

A large part of being an effective team member is being proactive, dependable, and accountable. If there are a number of tasks that need to be completed and they fall within your skill set, take on the task. When you take on tasks you need to make sure you are completing them in a timely fashion so you can meet your project deadlines. Good communications skills are also essential to being an effective team member. You should strive to be open to others ideas and also be willing to share your own ideas with the group.

When working with a team, conflicts are inevitable. However, when managed properly, conflict can lead to new ideas, more thoughtful decisions, and superior results. Being sure to be respectful of your team member’s ideas and completing your tasks on time can make you an effective team member. LTG Mary Legere has been successfully working within team environments for the last 33-years.


About LTG Mary Legere

LTG Mary Legere is career Intel Officer in the United States Army. She is the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, and is currently one of the Army’s two highest-ranking women.
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